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HTCondor-CE 5 is distributed via RPM and are available from the following Yum repositories:

Updating to HTCondor-CE 5

Updating from HTCondor-CE < 4

If updating to HTCondor-CE 5 from HTCondor-CE < 4, be sure to also consult the HTCondor-CE 4 upgrade instructions.

Finding relevant configuration changes

When updating HTCondor-CE RPMs, .rpmnew and .rpmsave files may be created containing new defaults that you should merge or new defaults that have replaced your customzations, respectively. To find these files for HTCondor-CE, run the following command:

root@host # find /etc/condor-ce/ -name '*.rpmnew' -name '*.rpmsave'

HTCondor-CE 5 is a major release that adds many features and overhauls the default configuration. As such, upgrades from older versions of HTCondor-CE may require manual intervention:

Support for ClassAd transforms added to the JobRouter

Transforms will override JOB_ROUTER_ENTRIES routes with the same name

Even if you do not plan on immediately using the new syntax, it's important to note that route transforms will override JOB_ROUTER_ENTRIES routes with the same name. In other words, the route transform names returned by condor_ce_config_val -dump -v JOB_ROUTER_ROUTE_ should only appear in your list of used routes returned by condor_ce_config_val JOB_ROUTER_ROUTE_NAMES if you intend to use the new transform syntax.

HTCondor-CE now includes default ClassAd transforms equivalent to its JOB_ROUTER_DEFAULTS, allowing administrators to write job routes using the transform synatx. The old syntax continues to be the default in HTCondor-CE 5. Writing routes in the new syntax provides many benefits including:

  • Statements being evaluated in the order they are written
  • Use of variables that are not included in the resultant job ad
  • Use of simple case statements.

Additionally, it is now easier to include transforms that should be evaluated before or after your routes by including transforms in the lists of JOB_ROUTER_PRE_ROUTE_TRANSFORM_NAMES and JOB_ROUTER_PRE_ROUTE_TRANSFORM_NAMES, respectively. To use the new transform syntax:

  1. Disable use of JOB_ROUTER_ENTRIES by setting the following in /etc/condor-ce/config.d/:

  2. Set JOB_ROUTER_ROUTE_<ROUTE_NAME> to a job route in the new transform syntax where <ROUTE_NAME> is the name of the route that you'd like to be reflected in logs and tool output.

  3. Add the above <ROUTE_NAME> to the list of routes in JOB_ROUTER_ROUTE_NAMES

New condor_mapfile format and locations

HTCondor-CE 5 separates its unified mapfile used for authentication between multiple files across multiple directories. Additionally, any regular expressions in the second field must be enclosed by /. To update your mappings to the new format and location, perform the following actions:

  1. Upon upgrade, your existing mapfile will be moved to /etc/condor-ce/condor_mapfile.rpmsave. Remove any of the following lines provided by default in the HTCondor-CE packaging:

    SSL "[-.A-Za-z0-9/= ]*/CN=([-.A-Za-z0-9/= ]+)" \
    CLAIMTOBE .* anonymous@claimtobe
    FS "^(root|condor)$" \
    FS "(.*)" \1
  2. Copy the remaining contents of /etc/condor-ce/condor_mapfile.rpmsave to a file ending in *.conf in /etc/condor-ce/mapfiles.d/. Note that files in this folder are parsed in lexicographic order.

  3. Update the second field of any existing mappings by enclosing any regular expressions in /, escaping any slashes with a backslash (e.g. \/).

    • Consider converting any GSI mappings into Perl Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE) since the authenticated name of incoming proxies may contain additional VOMS FQANs in addition to the Distinguished Name (DN):

      <DN>,<VOMS FQAN 1>,<VOMS FQAN 2>,...,<VOMSFQAN N>

      For example, to accept a given DN with any VOMS attributes, the mapping should look like the following:

      GSI /^\/DC=org\/DC=cilogon\/C=US\/O=University of Wisconsin-Madison\/CN=Brian Lin A226624,.*/ blin

      Alternatively, to accept any DN from the OSG VO:

      GSI /.*,\/osg\/Role=Pilot\/Capability=.*/ osg
    • Also consider converting SCITOKENS mappings to PCRE since the authenticated name of incoming tokens will contain the token issuer (iss) and any token subject (sub) fields:


      For example, to accept a token issued by the OSG VO with any subject, write the following mapping:

      SCITOKENS /^https:\/\/\/osg-connect,.*/ osg

No longer set $HOME by default

Older versions of HTCondor-CE set $HOME in the routed job to the user's $HOME directory on the HTCondor-CE. To re-enable this behavior, set USE_CE_HOME_DIR = True in /etc/condor-ce/config.d/.

HTCondor-CE 5 Version History

This section contains release notes for each version of HTCondor-CE 5. Full HTCondor-CE version history can be found on GitHub.


This release includes the following new features:

  • Improve restart time of HTCondor-CE View (HTCONDOR-420)
  • Fix bug that caused HTCondor-CE to ignore incoming BatchRuntime requests (#480)
  • Fixed error that occurred during RPM installation of non-HTCondor batch systems regarding missing file batch_gahp (HTCONDOR-504)


This release includes the following new features:

  • Add support for ClassAd transforms to the JobRouter (HTCONDOR-243)
  • Add mapped user and X.509 attribute to local HTCondor pool AccountingGroup mappings to Job Routers configured to use the ClassAd transform syntax (HTCONDOR-187)
  • Split condor_mapfile into files that use regular expressions in /etc/condor-ce/mapfiles.d/*.conf (HTCONDOR-244)
  • Accept BatchRuntime attributes from incoming jobs to set their maximum walltime (HTCONDOR-80)
  • Update the HTCondor-CE registry to Python 3 (HTCONDOR-307)
  • Enable SSL authentication by default for READ/WRITE authorization levels (HTCONDOR-366)
  • APEL reporting scripts now use history files in the local HTCondor PER_JOB_HISTORY_DIR to collect job data. (HTCONDOR_293)
  • Use the GlobalJobID attribute as the APEL record lrmsID (#426)
  • Downgrade errors in the configuration verification startup script to support routes written in the transform syntax (#465)
  • Allow required directories to be owned by non-condor groups (#451)

This release also includes the following bug-fixes:

  • Fix an issue with an overly aggressive default SYSTEM_PERIODIC_REMOVE (HTCONDOR-350)
  • Fix incorrect path to Python 3 Collector plugin (HTCONDOR-400)
  • Fix faulty validation of JOB_ROUTER_ROUTE_NAMES and JOB_ROUTER_ENTRIES in the startup script (HTCONDOR-406)
  • Fix various Python 3 incompatibilities (#460)


This release includes the following new features:

  • Python 3 and Enterprise Linux 8 support (HTCONDOR_13)
  • HTCondor-CE no longer sets $HOME in routed jobs by default (HTCONDOR-176)
  • Whole node jobs (local HTCondor batch systems only) now make use of GPUs (HTCONDOR-103)
  • HTCondor-CE Central Collectors now prefer GSI over SSL authentication (HTCONDOR-237)
  • HTCondor-CE registry now validates the value of submitted client codes (HTCONDOR-241)
  • Automatically remove CE jobs that exceed their maxWalltime (if defined) or the configuration value of ROUTED_JOB_MAX_TIME (default: 4320 sec/72 hrs)

This release also includes the following bug-fixes:

  • Fix a circular configuration definition in the HTCondor-CE View that resulted in 100% CPU usage by the condor_gangliad daemon (HTCONDOR-161)

Getting Help

If you have any questions about the release process or run into issues with an upgrade, please contact us for assistance.